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The University of Hawaii@Manoa: The University of Hawaii – Hamas – original Humanize Palestine nexus.

The West Asia-North Africa (WANA) Institute, Amman, Jordan: False narratives shared with the original Humanize Palestine website.

About This Website

This website, Humanize Palestine, is a reproduction of a 2015 website with the same name. According to the creators of the 2015 website, its purpose was to honor Palestinians killed by Israel. It was to do this by bringing them back to life through their pictures, stories, art, and poetry, and give them the respect and dignity they deserve. But this was not the truthful purpose of the original 2015 Humanize Palestine website. This is not what the 2015 website did.

The 2015 website contained 262 photographs of martyred (dead) Palestinians, 83.9% of them were either terror operative combatants, family members of terror operatives, unaffiliated terrorists, individuals exploited for terror activity or targets of a military strike. All of them, 83.9% of the dead Palestinians featured in the photo galleries were associated with Palestinian terrorism. The 2015 website didn’t just simply bring them back to life through their pictures and stories and give them respect and dignity, it brought them back to life through misleading photographs and false narratives, gave them new identities and memorialized them. The website memorialized dead Palestinian terrorists on the internet.

This website, for the first time, exposes this scheme. Photographs, documents, links and text taken from Arabic, English and Hebrew websites, document and reveal the true purpose of the original 2015 Humanize Palestine website.

The 2015 original Humanize Palestine website was created as part of a widespread, large scale web based misinformation campaign designed to disseminate Palestinian terror organization propaganda that portrays Israel as an evil country, guilty of war crimes, that kills innocent Palestinian elderly, women and children.

The 2015 Humanize Palestine website also included martyred Palestinians that had no association with terrorism. They were included in the 2015 website to provide legitimacy to the false claims made by its creators that their website’s purpose was to honor and provide dignity to martyred Palestinians killed by Israel.

In 2021, Hamas provided little information about terrorist operatives who were killed in Gaza during Operation Guardian of the Walls, May 10-21, 2021. It created the impression that the overwhelming majority of fatalities were non-combatant civilians. Hamas promoted the number of women, children and aged who were killed. Their official social media outlets also represented a significant percentage of dead terrorist operatives as “civilians” to promote the narrative that most of the fatalities were non-combatants.

The 2015 original Humanize Palestine website did exactly what Hamas did in 2021.

If you have any questions about this website, please go to the contact page and send us an email. We enjoy hearing from our visitors. And thank you for exploring our website, a website containing material no longer found on the internet, all removed by censorship. For example, the only place on the internet that the Alareer Martyr Video can be viewed, is on this website. This video is significant because it identifies an infamous Hamas terrorist and while his activities were reported in many countries, his terrorist affiliation and identity were never revealed. Now they have been.


There are 262 photographs of martyred Palestinians in the three picture galleries, 2013 (1), 2014 (236) and 2015 (25). After extensively researching their identities on Arabic and English websites, it was found that 169 out of 262 photographs in the three galleries were associated with Palestinian terrorism. Statistically, 64.5% were either affiliated with terror organizations or were unaffiliated terrorists. This is a list of their affiliations:

57 Hamas, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas
29 Palestinian Islamic Jihad
16 Fatah, al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, the military wing of Fatah
6 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
25 Fatah
18 Hamas
2 Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
15 Unaffiliated Terrorist

In addition, 35 photographs in the 2014 picture gallery were family members of terror combatants, operatives or affiliates. They were killed with their relative when he was targeted in the 2014 Gaza war. Their deaths were directly related to Palestinian terror organizations. Terror operatives frequently had family members present while engaged in hostilities. And high value terror operative targets frequently surrounded themselves with family members in residential settings.

Terror operative family members, statistically, accounted for 13.4% of martyred Palestinians in the three galleries or 14.8% in the 2014 gallery.

If family members are combined with actual terror operatives in the three galleries, statistically, it is revealed that 77.9% of fatalities presented on the website’s galleries were related to terror organizations and Palestinian terror operatives, combatants and affiliates.

The percentage related to terror operatives and organizations would be even higher if the following gallery photographs are included:

5 “Unidentified” (Not enough information to rule out a terror affiliation)
4 Exploited for terror activity
7 Victim of targeted military strike on residence – includes target and family members present, affiliations unknown

The martyred individuals in the three categories above account for 6% of fatalities on the website. Add them together with terror operatives and family members, the percentage becomes 83.9%.

There are several other factors responsible for the deaths of the Palestinians appearing in the website’s photo galleries. As an example, casualties of war, or innocent civilians killed, 25 in number, accounted for 9.5% of the three galleries. The rest of the casualties in the galleries represent an eclectic assortment of incidents unrelated to hostilities or terrorism such as motor vehicle accidents, a ship sinking, hypothermia and others. One individual killed was an Italian photojournalist who died in an EOD accident. Another Palestinian was murdered by Israeli terrorists. And there were two deaths that were hoaxes.

83.9% of the photographs in the three galleries, all related to Palestinian terrorism or their organizations, is an anomalous figure. It is much higher than other reporting sources. This would suggest that the creators of the original Humanize Palestine website had a biased selection process for choosing the photographs that appeared in the three galleries. Out of the two thousand plus Palestinians that died in the 2014 Gaza war and the 2015 Palestinian deaths in the West Bank, there were many Palestinians not associated with terrorism that could have been selected for the website’s galleries. The fact that they were not suggests that the website’s purpose was something more than honoring martyred Palestinians. And indeed it was.

The statistics suggest that the original Humanize Palestine website was created to function as a memorial for Palestinian terror combatants, terror operatives, terror affiliates, and their family members. The false chronicles and nuanced photographs are additional evidence of what the creators of the original Humanize Palestine website may have had in mind, “to honor the deceased as martyrs by bringing them back to life through their pictures, stories, art, and poetry”, bring them back to life as civilian casualties of war, memorialize them and celebrate their new identities that concealed their terror affiliations.

On each page of this website that is linked to a photograph of a terror operative in a gallery, there appear the memorials, the false narratives and the misleading photographs, all in plain sight.


The Gaza Interior Ministry controlled by Hamas, published guidelines for social networking activists in the Gaza Strip a few days after the start of the 2014 Gaza war. The guidelines stated that every Palestinian killed should be described as an “innocent civilian”. It also stated that the number of fatalities among women and children should be emphasized. This is what the original Humanize Palestine website attempted to do. It is therefore not surprising to discover that the original Humanize Palestine website had a Hamas provenance which is documented on this website.

The Hamas – Humanize Palestine nexus must be taken seriously. The original Humanize Palestine website was used in a university classroom to indoctrinate students. An academic who wrote an essay published in a prestigious journal, incorporated the website into her research paper, which resulted in an essay based on a false premise.

In a couple of cases the original Humanize Palestine website represented Hamas terror operatives as individuals fighting to defend their country. This was patently false. These terrorists in reality were preparing, they were about to engage in an an attack utilizing a tunnel that would have allowed them to attack a kibbutz in Israel and target civilians.

This is who Hamas is – CLICK HERE


Over the years, the original Humanize Palestine website’s domain registry changed several times. It started out as humanizePalestine.com which became humanizePalestine.wordpress.com , which became humanizePalestine.org and then the Humanize Palestine website was disabled. And as of 8/2020, it is back as humanizepalestine.wordpress.com. In 2017, after the chancellor of the University of Hawaii was informed that university content was linked to humanizepalestine.org which memorialized Palestinian terrorism, humanizepalestine.org was disabled.


This website’s format, HumanizePalestine.net, is an exact replica of the original Humanize Palestine website. Each photograph on the HumanizePalestine.net home page, the gallery, is an exact re-creation of the original website. Clicking on a photograph opens a webpage containing pictures and narratives relating to that individual. Each page (1) first presents the original Humanize Palestine narrative, exactly reproduced, followed by (2) the factually correct narrative based on data collected from Arabic, English and Hebrew websites. The facts speak for themselves.

A useful feature: By holding the cursor over a picture, a small box containing a word or two of text will appear, relating to that individual’s identity.