بتسيلم – عبدالله إسماعيل البحيصي

בצלם – עבדאללה אסמאעיל אל-בוהיסי

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(taken from the B’Tselem webpage)

‘Abdallah Isma’il ‘Omar al-Bahisi

26 years old, resident of Deir al-Balah, killed on 22 Jul 2014 in Deir al-Balah, by gunfire from an aircraft. Participated in hostilities member of the military wing of the Islamic Jihad. Additional information: Killed on the roof of his home.


“… killed … by gunfire from an aircraft.”

“Killed on the roof of his home.”



His jihadist career
In the year 2008 AD, our martyr Abdullah belonged to the Islamic Jihad Movement, and he was a custodian of the circles of remembrance and advocacy in the mosque, and he joined to work in the organization’s events organization and participated in the activities and occasions that were organized by the movement. In 2012, he joined the ranks of Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement, where he received many military courses and participated in many jihadist missions, including ribat on the frontiers, planting explosive devices, and worked in the engineering and manufacturing unit and participated in firing mortar shells at Zionist sites, and then became a Knight The Signal Corps in the Deir al-Balah Brigade had a great and effective role in the Battle of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous by delivering and receiving signals from the leadership via wireless communication and delivering them to the Mujahideen in the field.

The departure of flowers
The mother of the martyr Abdullah, with tears of sadness on her face, explained that on the dawn of Tuesday 22-7-2014 AD, and these days coincided with the last ten days of the blessed month of Ramadan, the date was with the martyrdom and the conclusion, when our martyr Abdullah was sitting with his older brother in a room in The top of our house building, and behold, a malevolent Zionist reconnaissance plane struck them with a missile, which led to Abdullah ascending to the heights of martyrdom, and his brother was wounded.


Abdullah Ismail al-Buhaisi was in a room on the top floor of his house, sitting with his brother. They were “delivering and receiving signals from the leadership via wireless communications [military radio] and delivering them to the Mujahideen [fighters] in the field.”

Most likely, the IDF was monitoring their radio traffic, identified the location of the source and targeted al-Buhaisi and his brother with a missile, killing Abdullah al-Buhaisi.

●Abdullah Ismail al-Buhaisi WAS NOT on the roof of his house when targeted and killed.
●Abdullah Ismail al-Buhaisi WAS NOT killed by gunfire from an aircraft.

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The B’Tselem databases create the illusion that Palestinian combatants killed by the Israeli security apparatus are victims, victims of an “occupier“. The al-Buhaisi narrative is an example of this misinformation.

Abdullah Ismail al-Buhaisi, B’Tselem alleges, was killed on the roof of his home by gunfire from an aircraft. This is patently false. There is nothing in this narrative that reveals what al-Buhaisi was doing when he was targeted and killed by a missile.

This narrative, intentionally or unintentionally, is missing one very important material fact. Al-Buhaisi was seated with his brother in a room at the top of his house. If the omission was intentional, the narrative is fraudulent, if unintentional, the narrative is false. Either way, a statement that contains a half truth or effectively conceals a material fact, like the al-Buhaisi narrative, is either a false statement or a fraudulent statement. The B’Tselem narrative, at the very least, is therefore a patently false statement.

The B’Tselem al-Buhaisi narrative, false or fraudulent, creates an issue of moral legitimacy, that Israel does not adhere to conventionally accepted standards of conduct. B’Tselem alleges that al-Buhaisi was simply killed on the roof of his house by gunfire from an aircraft. This implies that he was not engaged in combat, simply on the roof of his house, that Israel shoots innocent Palestinians on the roofs of their homes, that Israel attacks Palestinian homes with gunfire from aircraft, a war crime.

What exactly were al-Buhaisi and his brother doing in a room at the top of his house? We know that he was a terror combatant with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and we know that he was “a knight of the signal corps“, command and control, military radio communications. It is also a fact that a radio facility would be located at the highest elevation of a structure, and a room at the top of the al-Buhaisi house is exactly where such a facility would be located. The two al-Buhaisi brothers were most likely utilizing the military radio equipment when the IDF located the source of their radio traffic transmissions and targeted them with a missile.

The B’Tselem narrative, the false narrative, however, has al-Buhaisi on the “roof of his home” when he was targeted and killed, nothing about a room or his brother or what he may have been doing. These omissions are purposeful and in effect falsely transform a PIJ terror combatant into a victim of an ill-conceived Israeli war crime, the targeting of a Palestinian home that has no military significance.

Abdullah Ismail al-Buhaisi, the terror operative combatant, re-imagined by B’Tselem as the victim.