YUSEF AL-SHAWAMREH / يوسف الشوامخ



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Yusef al-Shawamreh, 14 years old, was killed by Israeli soldiers on Wednesday March 19, 2014 near his village of Deir al-Asal al-Fawqa, which sits alongside Israel’s apartheid wall southwest of Hebron.

Yusef left his home around 6:30 am to forage for wild thistle, used in Palestinian cooking, along with two friends, Zahi, 12, and Muntaser, 17. The boys planned to look for thistle in an area of land belonging to the village that now sits on the other side of the apartheid wall.

As they crossed the wall, soldiers fired three shots without warning, Muntaser told DCI-Palestine in a sworn testimony. Another two bullets were fired, which hit Yusef in the hip and back as he tried to return through the wall. He died trying to help feed his family.

Sources: DCI-PalestineB’Tselem



Identifying Palestinian Terrorists





IDF Shoots Arab Terrorist Breaching
Security Fence

19-year-old reportedly shot dead while sabotaging fence with two others near Hevron in Judea.

IDF soldiers shot and killed a local Arab resident near Hevron on Wednesday, as he attempted to breach Israel’s security fence with two accomplices.
“Earlier today three suspects sabotaged the security fence in Deir al-Asal al-Tahta, southwest of Hevron,” an IDF spokeswoman told AFP. After the three ignored soldiers’ warnings to leave, as well as warning shots in the air, soldiers “fired towards the lower extremities of the main instigator.”
The man was evacuated to the Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva in critical condition, but died of his wounds shortly thereafter.
The 19-year-old was identified as Yousef Nayif Yousef Shawamrah Abu Akar, from the village of Deir al-Asal al-Fouqa, located south of Hevron in the Judea region, reports Ma’an News Agency.



Israeli forces shoot, kill Palestinian teen south of Hebron

MARCH 19, 2014 9:54 A.M. (UPDATED: MARCH 21, 2014 11:02 A.M.)

HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian teenager in the Hebron district on Wednesday, security and medical sources said.

The sources said the 15-year-old was attempting to cross Israel’s separation wall near the southernmost West Bank area of al-Ramadin when Israeli forces shot him dead.

Israeli troops gave him no warning before shooting him, the sources said.

The youth was identified as Yousef Nayif Yousef Shawamrah Abu Akar from the village of Deir al-Asal al-Fauqa south of Hebron.

Israeli forces have yet to deliver his body.

Witnesses said the victim had been foraging for local plants when he was shot, but the army claimed he and two others had been vandalising the security fence.

“Three suspects sabotaged the security fence in Deir al-Asal Atachta, and soldiers at the scene called them to distance themselves and fired warning shots in the air,” an Israeli army spokeswoman said.

“After all efforts were exhausted the soldiers fired at the main instigators’ lower extremities and a hit was identified.”

The victim was evacuated to an Israeli hospital, where he died from his wounds.

But the victim’s brother, Abed Shawamreh, 23, denied the army’s account and said the teenager had been out looking for gundelia, a thistle-type plant used in cooking.

“Every year, people from the village go out to pick gundelia. Today Yussef went with his friends to pick some in an area close to the wall and the army shot at them. They hit him and arrested two of his friends,” he told AFP.


There are many versions of this incident that appear in the media. There are also several versions that have been reported by various NGOs such as B’Tselem and the Defense for Children International Palestine. However, the one true version of the incident was recorded by the Israeli Defense Forces. Screen grabs of the video, actually several videos, can be seen below. In addition, the videos can be viewed by clicking, (1) HERE, (2) HERE, (3) HERE, (4) HERE, (5) HERE, and (6) HERE. By clicking on #1, all the videos that follow will automatically load as each video ends.

West Bank, three boys cross a field headed for the security fence
Shawamreh out in front, leads the other two boys to the security fence
The leader, Shawamreh, turns around and orders one of the boys to stay behind
Two boys continue on to the security fence
Two boys reach the barrier
The two boys begin cutting thru the security fence
It takes the two boys more than one minute to cut thru the security fence and enter Israeli territory
The two boys run across the adjacent road, Shawamreh in the lead

It is important to note that the leader, Shawamreh, has a head cover similar to a hoodie, it comes to a point. The other boy has a rounded headcover:

Shawamreh on the left, rounded head cover on the right
After the boys jump the road barrier, an IDF soldier (red circle) confronts the boys. The soldier is clearly visible to the boys
After the initial confrontation, Shawamreh is seen running down into the gully and the second boy turns and looks directly at the IDF soldier before he follows Shawamreh down into the gully
After ignoring the soldier’s commands, shots are fired and in this screen grab, the soldier pursues the boys down in the gully
An IDF vehicle arrives on-scene
A first aid kit is removed from the vehicle and brought down into the gully to treat Shawamreh who had been wounded and who would later die from his wound
First, the boy with the round head cover is brought up from the gully
He is told to lie face down as his hands are secured behind him
Shawamreh is brought up next from the gully on a stretcher (He is the boy with the hoodie or pointed head cover)
Shawamreh is then placed in the IDF vehicle for transport


1- Three boys started out across a field, heading for the security barrier between the West Bank and Israel.
2- The leader, Shawamreh, ordered one boy to remain behind.
3- Two boys spent more than one minute cutting thru the security fence.
4- The boys breached a fence NOT a wall.
5- After breaching the barrier and crossing into Israeli territory, they ran across the adjacent road, jumped the road barrier and were immediately confronted by the IDF.
6- The boys ignored the commands of the IDF and ran down into a gully where Shawamreh was shot.
7- The two boys were brought up to the road, Shawamreh on a stretcher, the other had his hands secured behind him. Shawamreh was placed in an IDF vehicle and transported from the scene.
8- Neither boy had been picking any plant.
9- The incident involved a wire fence NOT a wall.
10- The incident involved two boys, the third was left behind in the West Bank field.
11- The fact that one boy was ordered by Shawamreh to remain behind raises significant doubt about the narrative that the boys breached the barrier to pick a plant. If their intent was to pick a plant, three boys would have cut thru the fence and entered Israeli territory.


There are three photos of Yusef Shawamreh that appear in the media and on various NGO’s websites:

This is his correct appearance:

The above image is the most current and most accurately represents his appearance at the time of the incident.


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استشهاد يوسف الشوامرة برصاص الاحتلال جنوب الخليل
19 مارس 2014 – 10:45

حركة التحرير الوطني الفلسطيني – فتح:
الخليل – الرواسي – استشهد فتى برصاص الاحتلال صباح اليوم الاربعاء، بالقرب من الجدار الفاصل المقام على اراضي السموع بالخليل.
وافادت مصادر محلية ان الفتى يوسف نايف يوسف الشوامرة ( 15 عاما) من قرية دير العسل استشهد جراء اصابة خطيرة بعد ان اطلق عليه جنود الاحتلال النار في منطقة “سنسنة” بين الظاهرية والسموع.
وافاد شهود عيان ان قوات الاحتلال احتجزت جثة الشهيد الذي قضى اثناء جمعه نبات “العكوب”.


Youssef Al-Shawamra killed by israeli gunfire south of Hebron
March 19, 2014 – 10:45

Palestinian National Liberation Movement -Fatah:
Hebron: A boy was shot dead by israeli troops near the separation barrier on hebron’s al-Samana land.

According to local sources, 15-year-old Youssef Nayef Yousef al-Shawamra, from the village of Deir al-Asal, was seriously injured after being shot by israeli soldiers in the “Sansana” area between Al-Dhahriya and Al-Samana.
Witnesses said the israeli occupation forces had detained the body of the martyr, who had died while collecting the acop plant.



These are the two photographs of Shawamreh appearing on the original Humanize Palestine website:

The above photos convey a narrative that he was a very young boy when killed. The website cites his age as 14 years old.


This is actually what he may have looked like around the time of his death. This picture appears on various Palestinian websites:

The information office of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, cites his age as 19 years old. This website can be viewed HERE .


Yusef al-Shawamreh, 14 years old, was killed by Israeli soldiers … near his village … which sits alongside Israel’s apartheid wall ….

Yusef left his home … to forage for wild thistle … along with two friends … The boys planned to look for thistle in an area of land … that now sits on the other side of the apartheid wall.

As they crossed the wall, soldiers fired three shots without warning, Muntaser told DCI-Palestine in a sworn testimony. Another two bullets were fired, which hit Yusef in the hip and back as he tried to return through the wall. He died trying to help feed his family.


1- Yusef Shawamreh was not 14 years old.
2- Shawamreh’s village does not sit alongside Israel’s apartheid wall. There is no wall in this area. There is a wire fence.
3- Shawamreh never foraged for thistle before he was shot. There is strong evidence to suggest that the boys never intended to “forage for thistle”.
4- Soldiers never fired any shots as the boys crossed the nonexistent wall. AFTER the boys cut their way thru the wire fence, they crossed the adjacent road, jumped the road barrier and ran away from the IDF soldiers, down into a gully – this is where Shawamreh was shot.
5- It is entirely false that soldiers fired any shots without warning. The video clearly shows an IDF soldier confronting the boys before shots were fired. It was only after the boys did not obey the soldiers’ commands, that shots were fired at Shawamreh, he was the leader.
6- The statement that Yusef “tried to return through the wall” when he was shot is patently false. He was shot when he was down in the gully fleeing from the IDF soldiers. The video clearly documents this.
7- “He died trying to help feed his family” is also patently false. He never picked any edible plant. And he most likely never intended to do so. The video clearly shows that the two boys that cut thru the security fence never had on their person any device to collect and carry any plant material back to the West Bank. The fact that one boy was instructed by Shawamreh to remain behind casts further doubt on the narrative that they cut their way into Israel to pick a plant. If the mission was to gather an edible plant for their families to eat, all three boys would have breached the security fence. ONLY TWO BOYS BREACHED THE SECURITY FENCE AND ENTERED ISRAEL, NOT THREE AS REPORTED BY THE ORIGINAL HUMANIZE PALESTINE WEBSITE.

The boys never picked any edible thistle before Shawamreh was shot. It is not known if the boys had on their person a device to pick, cut and collect thistle. What is known however is the fact that the boys had on their person a DEVICE(s) TO CUT THRU THE SECURITY BARRIER, which took over one minute to accomplish.


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الشهيد يوسف نايف ابو عكر الشوامرة
Martyr Yusuf Nayef Abu Aker Al-Shawamra