MOHANNAD SHAFIQ AL-HALABI / مهند شفيق الحلبي



The original Humanize Palestine websites were created as a memorial for martyred Palestinian terror operatives.

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لمشاهدة صور النشطاء الإرهابيين في الجهاد الإسلامي وسرايا القدس وعددهم 29 والذين تم العثور عليهم في معرض صور مواقع أنسنة فلسطين ، انقر هنا.



Memorializing Palestinian Terrorists


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Mohannad Shafiq al-Halabi, 19 years old, was shot dead by the Israeli police on October 4, 2015, after allegedly killing two Israeli soldiers and stabbing two others, in the Old City of Jerusalem. He was a law student.

Halabi’s comments on Facebook prior to the attack, along with a similar post by another attacker, have added to fears and public debate over whether the specter of another Palestinian Intifada, or uprising, is on the horizon

“What’s happening to our holy places? What’s happening to our mothers and sisters in the Al-Aqsa mosque,” Halabi posted before the stabbing attack. “We are not the people who accept humiliation. Our people will revolt.”

Sources: AljazeeraIMEMCThe Blaze


(By the original Humanize Palestine Website)


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Identifying Palestinian Terrorists




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Two Israelis killed in stabbing attack in Jerusalem

Palestinian attacker shot dead by police after he stabbed four people, including a woman and her son in the Old City.

4 Oct 2015

Two Israeli men have been killed and a woman and her son injured in a stabbing attack by a Palestinian man in Jerusalem’s Old City.
The group was attacked on Saturday night by a man who was later shot and killed by the Israeli border police near the Lions’ Gate in Jerusalem.
Israeli police confirmed that the Palestinian, 19-year-old Muhannad Halabi, was from al-Bireh, a Palestinian city adjacent to Ramallah in the central occupied West Bank, 15km north of Jerusalem.

An initial police investigation said that the suspect stabbed several people, then took a gun from one of the wounded and fired at tourists and police officers, the AP news agency reported. He was then shot dead by police.


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2 killed in Jerusalem attack named as Nehemia Lavi, Aharon Banita

Banita’s wife badly hurt, baby injured in Old City terror stabbing; father of 7 Lavi lived nearby and rushed out to help


3 October 2015, 11:31 pm

The two Israeli men who were killed Saturday evening in a terror attack in Jerusalem’s Old City were named by police as Nehemia Lavi, 41, and Aharon Banita, 22.
The two died of their wounds shortly after being stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City by a Palestinian terrorist.

Banita’s wife was in serious condition and their two-year-old baby was lightly wounded. She was taken to Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem and was undergoing surgery. The toddler was taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center for treatment where he remained in stable condition.

Lavi, a Jerusalem resident, leaves behind a wife and seven children. A rabbi at the Old City’s Ateret Cohanim yeshiva who lived nearby, he had rushed to the scene when he heard screaming in the street.

His funeral was scheduled for Sunday at noon at Har Hamenuhot in Jerusalem, also known as the Givat Shaul cemetery.
French-born Banita and his family lived in Beitar Illit. He was set to be buried Sunday on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.
Lavi and Banita were stabbed in the upper body and were unconscious when paramedics arrived at the scene.
Banita was taken to Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus where he died of his wounds shortly after the attack. Lavi was taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center where he also died Saturday night.
When the attack began, Banita’s wife, though badly injured, managed to run and alert a group of Border Police forces nearby who arrived on the scene. The assailant had by this time grabbed a gun from one of those he had stabbed, and he fired at the cops, who shot and killed him.
Hundreds of police officers had been deployed in the Old City, for fear of attacks, but Jerusalem Police Chief Moshe Erdi said there had been no specific information regarding this attacker.
In video footage that emerged Saturday night after the attack
, a woman’s screams can be heard followed by gunshots.

The baby was shot in the leg, although it was not entirely clear how. Police said the attacker may have grabbed a firearm the father was carrying.
The incident occurred near Lion’s Gate in East Jerusalem.

The terrorist was identified as Muhannad Shafeq Halabi, 19, from al-Bireh, near Ramallah in the West Bank.
Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack, while Hamas issued a statement praising the “heroic operation.”

Muhannad Shafeq Halabi, 19, was identified as the terrorist who killed two Israeli men in their 40s on October 3, 2015 in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old City. (Israel Police)

“Halabi is a member of Islamic Jihad,” a senior member of the Palestinian terror group told AFP on condition of anonymity, after the group issued a statement hailing the attack and saying it was in response to Israeli “terrorist crimes” against Palestinians.


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Two Jews slain in Jerusalem’s Old City amid stepped-up violence

Emergency responders work at the scene where two Israelis were killed in a knife attack in the Old City of Jerusalem on Oct. 3, 2015.
(Abir Sultan / European Pressphoto Agency)


Reporting from Jerusalem —  

Two Jewish men, one walking with his wife and infant and the other rushing to his aid, were stabbed to death Saturday in Jerusalem’s Old City, Israeli officials and news reports said.

Aharon Bennet, 21, a religious Jew serving in the military, was walking through the Old City with his family when a Palestinian youth attacked them with a knife, Israeli media reported. His wife suffered serious wounds; the infant, whose gender was not immediately known, was lightly injured.

Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, 41, who rushed from his nearby home to the site to aid the victims, was also killed.

A suspect was fatally shot by police officers. Israeli news reports identified him as Mohannad Halabi, a 19-year-old Palestinian from Ramallah, who studied law in Jerusalem.

In a series of recent posts on Facebook, Halabi appeared fiercely angry over recent clashes around Al Aqsa mosque in the Old City and what he perceived as mistreatment of Muslim women at the site. 

“From what I see, the third Intifada is already here,” one post read.

Daoud Shihab, spokesman for the militant Palestinian group Islamic Jihad in Gaza, told BBC that the assailant was a member of Islamic Jihad but stopped short of claiming responsibility for the attack.

Hamas leader Ismael Radwan called the attack “heroic” and vowed that Israel would have no security “as long as the Al Aqsa mosque is in danger.”


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According to Israeli police, a Palestinian teenager attacked Aharon Benita, 22, an off-duty Israeli soldier, and his wife near the Lions’ Gate in the Old City on Saturday night. The soldier was wearing civilian clothes. The couple had their 2-year-old son and an infant daughter in strollers.

Hearing the cries for help, Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, 41, who lives in the Muslim quarter of the Old City, ran to confront the assailant.

Lavi and Benita were fatally stabbed. Benita’s wife, Adele, was seriously wounded. The couple’s toddler was lightly injured.

“I yelled ‘Please help me!’ and they just spat at me,” Adele Benita said of the surrounding Palestinian shopkeepers in an interview with the Israeli news site Ynet.

Lavi was a married father of seven and a leader of a Jewish religious school run by Ateret Cohanim, an organization dedicated to displacing Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the Old City and creating a Jewish majority there.

Thousands attended Lavi’s funeral in Jerusalem on Sunday, including Zev Bareitan. His daughter has married into the Lavi family.

Bareitan called Lavi “a hero” and said Lavi’s oldest son “told us his father wasn’t murdered. His father was killed fighting the enemy. He heard screams and knew it was a terror attack. He died fighting a terrorist.”


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Palestinian kills two Israelis and wounds toddler in Jerusalem before being shot and killed by police

Police identified the attcker as Muhannad Halabi, a 19-year-old from Al Bireh, near Ramallah

A Palestinian man fatally stabbed two Israelis as they walked in Jerusalem’s Old City and seriously injured a woman and a toddler, before he was shot and killed by an officer on duty, police said in the latest in a series of Palestinian attacks. 
Jerusalem police chief Moshe Edri said the Palestinian “stabbed an Israeli man, his wife and the toddler” multiple times in an alleyway before stabbing another man. 

Both Israeli men succumbed to their wounds, he said, adding that the mother and the toddler are in serious condition. Israeli media later reported the toddler was lightly injured. 

Police Spokeswoman Luba Samri said the Palestinian attacker took a gun from one of the wounded men and opened fire at police and tourists

The Palestinian attacker was then shot and killed by an Israeli police officer who rushed to the scene. Police later identified him as Muhannad Halabi, a 19-year-old from Al Bireh, near Ramallah. 


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Old City stabbing mastermind indicted

Abed al-Aziz Meri, 21, has been charged with two counts of premeditated murder for instigating stabbing of Nehemia Lavi and Aharon Bennett.

Uzi Baruch,  05/11/15 10:43

An indictment was filed Thursday with the Jerusalem District Court against terrorist accomplice Abed al-Aziz Meri for his connection to the stabbing on Haggai Street in Jerusalem’s Old City over Sukkot. 

Rabbi Nehemiah Lavi, 41, and Aharon Bennett, 21, were both killed in the brutal attack, which occurred minutes after the end of Shabbat. Bennett’s wife, Adele, and their two-year old son were also injured. 

Meri, a 21-year-old resident of Abu Dis, is charged with two counts of premeditated murder, attempted murder and terrorism financing.

According to the indictment, Meri has been a member of the Hamas terrorist organization for several years as part of its official education arm Al-Kutla al-Islamiya. 

A month ago, 19-year-old Al-Bireh resident Mohannad Shafik Halabi turned to the defendant and asked for his help in illegally entering Israel to pray at the Al-Aqsa mosque atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. 

The defendant agreed and the pair crossed over the fence from Palestinian Authority-controlled town Abu Dis into Jerusalem. 
After refusing to present their identity cards – which would have identified them as residents of the Palestinian Authority – the two were denied access to the Temple Mount from multiple entrances

Halabi reportedly then became furious, at which point Meri persuaded Halabi to carry out an attack against Jews, telling him it would be payback for being refused entry for prayers at Al-Aqsa. 

Meri purchased a 50 shekel knife for Halabi at a store near the Damascus Gate with the agreement it be used in a “stabbing attack against Jews.” After Halabi turned over his ID card and cell phone to Meri, the two parted ways. 

After hearing news of the successful stabbing, Meri pondered carrying out a similar attack. He was thwarted, however, and arrested by security forces three days after the Old City terror


Abed al-Aziz Meri, a member of the Hamas terrorist organization, on October 3, 2015, helped Mohannad Halabi illegally enter Israel to pray at the Al-Aqsa mosque. The two wouldn’t present their identity cards and were denied access to the Temple Mount from multiple entrances.

When Halabi was refused entry to pray at Al-Aqsa, he became furious. Meri then persuaded Halabi to carry out a knife attack against Jews. He purchased a knife for Halabi after Halabi agreed it would be used in a stabbing attack against Jews. The two parted ways.

Halabi then attacked Aharon Bennet with the knife. Bennet was walking through the Old City with his family. He was serving in the military and at the time of the attack, was off-duty, in civilian clothes. His wife suffered serious wounds and the infant was lightly injured.

Rabbi Nehemia Lavi, who had heard screams, rushed to the site of the stabbing attack to aid the victims and was also stabbed to death by Halabi. Halabi took a gun from one of the wounded men and opened fire at police who then shot and killed him. Halabi was a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, an organization that has been designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the U.S. Department of State.


الرابطة الإسلامية

“The student framework of the [Palestinian] Islamic Jihad movement”


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نظمت الرابطة الاسلامية محافظة غزة تكريم الطلاب المتفوقين في مدرسة شهداء الشجاعية شرق غزة

نظمت الرابطة الاسلامية محافظة غزة تكريم الطلاب المتفوقين في مدرسة شهداء الشجاعية شرق غزة بحضور القيادي في حركة الجهاد الاسلامي الشيخ خضر حبيب و عدد من كوادر الرابطة في المحافظة
قال القيادي في حركة الجهاد الاسلامي حبيب ان المعركة التي يخوضها الفلسطينيون هي معركة الوعي في مواجهة العدو الاسرائيلي الذي يحرص على امتلاك العلوم و التقنيات و التكنلوجيا و علينا أن نكون على قدر التحدي و ان نتفوق على عدونا في جميع المجالات و شرط تجاوز ذالك التحدي يكون بالتفوق على عدونا المنزرع في ارضنا و القائم على جماجم اطفالنا ،
و اكد القيادي حبيب ان نهضة الامة الاسلامية من عثراتها و التحديات التي تحدق بها مرتبط بالقراءة و التعليم و التفوق مشيرا الي ان اول كلمة نزلت على الحبيب محمد صلى الله علية و سلم من الله عز و جل كلمة ” اقرأ ” و بذلك دلالة على اهمية التعلم و القراءة و المعرفة ، و ان الامة لا يمكن ان تنتصر دون التفوق و الحرص على العلم


The Islamic Association [Al Rabta Al Islamiah] of Gaza Governorate organized the honoring of outstanding students at the Shujaiya Martyrs School in eastern Gaza in the presence of Islamic Jihad leader Sheikh Khader Habib and a number of the association’s cadres in the province
The leader of the Islamic Jihad Habib said that the battle waged by the Palestinians is the battle of awareness in the face of the Israeli enemy, which is keen to possess science, technology and technology, and we have to be as challenging as we are and to overcome our enemy in all fields and provided that the challenge is exceeded by the superiority of that challenge. s on our enemy planted in our land and based on the skulls of our children
The leader Habib stressed that the renaissance of the Islamic nation from its pitfalls and challenges is related to reading, education and excellence, pointing out that the first word came down on the beloved Muhammad, peace of God and all the word “Read”, thus indicating the importance of learning, reading and knowledge, and that The nation cannot win without superiority and concern for science.


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الرابطة الإسلامية تنعي إبنها الشهيد مهند حلبي


رام الله – دنيا الوطن
تزف الرابطة الإسلامية الإطار الطلابي لحركة الجهاد الإسلامي في فلسطين ابنها الشهيـــد/ مهند شفيق حلبي “19 عام” منفذ عملية القدس البطولية من سكان بلدة البيرة وهو أحد طلبة كلية الحقوق بجامعة أبو ديس.

الذي استشهد أمس وهو يدافع عن وطنه ومقدساته التي استبيحت من قبل “الصهاينة” ليؤكد للجميع مقولة المفكر الدكتور: فتحي الشقاقي (المثقف أول من يقاوم وآخر من ينكسر ولن ينكسر بإذن الله).

وإننا في الرابطة الإسلامية ونحن نزف إبننا المجاهد نجدد العهد والبيعة مع الله ومع الشهداء وطلابنا بالاستمرار في نهج المقاومة والجهاد والدفاع عن مقدساتنا .


Islamic League mourns her son martyr Muhannad Halabi

Ramallah – Dunya Al Watan
The Islamic League is the student framework of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine, and its 19-year-old son Muhannad Shafiq Halabi, the executor of the heroic Jerusalem operation, a resident of al-Bireh, a student at Abu Dis University’s Faculty of Law.

Who was martyred yesterday while defending his homeland and his holy places, which were extoled by the “Zionists” to assure everyone of the saying of the thinker Dr. Fathi Shakaki (the intellectual is the first to resist and the last to break and will not break, God willing).

We are in the Islamic League and we bleed our son, the mujahedeen, renewing the covenant and allegiance with God and with the martyrs and our students by continuing the approach of resistance and jihad and defending our holy places.



To carry out activities in the universities and schools of Gaza



The Student’s Frame of the Islamic Jihad Movement



Logo of the Islamic League / AL RABTA AL ISLAMIAH, the student framework of the [Palestinian] Islamic Jihad movement


Mohanned Halabi was a second-year law student at Al-Quds University


[Note by Tom Gross]
In 2013 and 2014, in a series of dispatches I published exclusive photos of student rallies held on the main campus at Jerusalem’s Al-Quds University, which was partnered with America’s Brandeis University and Bard College.

At those rallies (which were held with the permission of the university authorities) the students were urged to kill Jews.
It seems the rhetoric at such rallies has all-too-real consequences.

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November 6, 2013
The Western-funded university authorities have on at least three occasions so far this academic year tolerated such Fascist-style displays by students.
Hitler-style salutes at Al-Quds University
Flags with the logo of the Islamic League / AL RABTA AL ISLAMIAH, the student framework of the [Palestinian] Islamic Jihad movement
Students are not allowed to bring guns on campus, hence the students used fake guns in the rally
Martyred Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists, student heros
Islamic Jihad fighter pictured with the logo of the Islamic League


In 2013, Rima Najjar, an Assistant Professor of English Literature at Al-Quds posted the following on her Facebook page: “Regarding the salute at the Islamic Bloc rally that was likened to a nazi salute, it is done by extending the arm and pointing the index finger to indicate the basic “there is no Allah but Allah” Muslim religious” creed.”

The rally cited by Professor Najjar was not an Islamic Bloc rally- the Islamic Bloc is the Hamas student organization. The rally in question on the Al-Quds campus was an Islamic League rally, a Palestinian Islamic Jihad student organization.

Professor Najjar alleged that the “salute” in the photographs was not a Nazi salute. She stated that it was merely an extension of the arm and the pointing of the index finger which signifies the “oneness of God” in Islam, a statement of faith.

This is patently false.

The photographs reveal no raised index finger. The salute is clearly a Nazi-style salute. In the photos below, note that the entire hand, all fingers, are raised in the salute:


Mohannad Halabi wearing an Islamic League headband

The body of Mohannad Halabi with headband containing the logo of the Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad



false statement is a statement that is not true. … A false statement is a statement that is untrue but not necessarily told to mislead, as a statement given by someone who does not know it is untrue.


fraudulent statement is a statement related to a material fact and known to be untrue or made with reckless indifference as to its truth or falsity. A statement or representation may also be “false” or “fraudulent” when it constitutes a half truth, or effectively conceals a material fact.



“Mohannad Shafiq al-Halabi, 19 years old, was shot dead by the Israeli police on October 4, 2015, after allegedly killing two Israeli soldiers and stabbing two others, in the Old City of Jerusalem. He was a law student.”


1- Halabi did not “allegedly” kill. He killed. This fact has been established beyond any reasonable doubt.

2- Halabi killed Aharon Bennet who was walking through the Old City with his wife and children. Halabi killed Rabbi Nehemia Lavi who rushed to the scene to assist those being attacked.

3- Halabi stabbed Bennet’s wife and injured her infant son.

4- Halabi was a 2nd year law student at Al-Quds University. At the university, he was a member of the Islamic League, the student arm of the terror organization, Palestinian Islamic Jihad.


The material facts presented above were widely known, the result of widespread media coverage. These facts, it can be assumed, were known to the creators of the original Humanize Palestine website – they chose to ignore them, and when a statement is made related to a material fact, known to be untrue with reckless indifference as to its truth or falsity, it is a fraudulent statement.

Halabi did not allegedly kill “two Israeli soldiers”. It is true that Bennet was serving in the military, but at the time of the attack he was off-duty, in civilian clothes, walking with his family. The fact that he was serving in the military could not have been known to the attacker.

The rabbi, the second victim, was not a soldier.

“Stabbing two others” conviently leaves out the correct facts. One “other” was a woman, Bennet’s wife and the other “other” was Bennet’s infant son.

No mention is made in the original Humanize Palestine narrative of the fact that Halabi was a member of a Foreign Terrorist Organization, Palestinian Islamic Jihad / Islamic League


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إهداء للشهيد مهند الحلبي وتابعيه بإحسان إلى يوم الدين

الأحد 09 أكتوبر 2016

بقلم الأسير المجاهد/ ياسين أبو لفح
سجن ريمون الصحراوي

بدماكَ الثورة يا حلبي بيديك تقوم
أعداءُ القدس كجرذانٍ يحكمهم بوم
أجرأ من فيهم ذو قلبٍ بلغَ الحلقوم
ومهندَ قد برزَ إليهم وعدًا مشؤوم
للقدسِ تسلل مستلًا سيفًا مسموم
يقطفُ فيه رأسًا أينعَ مثلَ الزقوم
قلع ثلاثة منهم فيها بدمٍ محموم
والرابعُ فرَ أمام السكينة مذؤوم
من طعناتِ الحلبي علموا أنَّا كالشمس
إن خفتَ النورُ بها يومًا ستزيدُ البأس
وتذيقُ حميم بضاعتها لمسيءِ الأمس
وسيحظى بالدفءِ محبًا قد باع النفس
طوبى لك با ابن الحلبيِّ جنةَ فردوس
فيها من كلِّ الثمرات فاهنأ بالأُنس
ولتعلم أنا من بعدك جيش للقدس
لن يرضى أن يبقى فيها محتلٌ نَجس
للقدسِ رجالٌ في غزة موجَ الطوفان
كالأسد تراهم ينتظرون هَيَّجَ الميدان
إن زأرَ البعضُ بهم يومًا فرَّ الفئران
سل عنهم في كسر الصمت رصَّ البنيان
في الضفة أبطالٌ هبوا مثلَ الفرسان
كأبابيلٍ بحجارتهم رجموا الشيطان
وحجارتهم من سجيل رعبٌ بركان
وأوان الثورة من يَدِهم في كل أوان


A dedication to the martyr Muhannad al-Halabi and his followers with charity to the Day of Judgment

Sunday 09 October 2016

By Al-Assir al-Mujahid/ Yasin Abu Lafh
Raymond Desert Prison

With your hands, Aleppo, with your hands, you will
The enemies of Jerusalem are rats ruled by owls.
I dare them with a heart that’s reached the throat.
And Muhannad has made an ominous promise to them.
To Jerusalem, he snuck in with a poisoned sword.
He picks up a head in it.
Three of them took off in feverish blood.
And the fourth escaped in front of the knife.
From the milky stabs, they knew we were like the sun.
If the light subsides one day, it’ll make it worse.
And she’s intimately tasted her merchandise for yesterday’s abuser.
And he’ll be warm.
Blessed are you, The Son of Al-Halabi, paradise paradise.
It’s all the fruits.
And you know, after you, an army of Jerusalem.
He wouldn’t be content to have an impertinal occupier.
Jerusalem has men in Gaza.
Like a lion, you see them waiting for the field to come.
If some of them ever go away, the rats run away.
Ask them to break the silence.
In the bank, heroes came up like knights.
Like a father with their stones, they stoned the devil.
And their stones are from a horror volcano.
And it’s time for the revolution to be their son at all time.